New Zealand – The Land of Blue + Green



No better place to make my first travel post than New Zealand. I’ve never seen a country that consists of so much greenery and beautiful blue skies. I can see why people love it here. Such a beautiful country and even more amazing beginning culture (Maori). You can get a taste of the city life in Auckland and just a couple of miles, you can get the taste of an island paradise. My trip was over Christmas break so if you’re looking for a place to travel during the winter, I highly recommend New Zealand.



Auckland is GORGEOUS as you can tell from the photos above. I particularly enjoyed hanging around sky city where Sky Tower (very similar to the Space Needle in Seattle) and many restaurants were. Sky Tower is 328 meters (1,076 ft). You can get a beautiful panorama view of the city if you’re not too afraid of heights. On top of the views, they have a restaurant called Orbit on their top floor that rotates 360 degrees while you’re eating. (I believe there’s something similar in Vegas as well) It’s an amazing experience and the food is phenomenal!!!


I had the duck breast and if food is supposed to melt in your mouth, then they hit this one right on the money. My dad had the filet mignon and he also said that was the best steak he’s ever had. (*Side note: New Zealand food is DELICIOUS especially in the meat department. Not sure if they’re giving these animals long massages, but you for sure can taste it.)

First day in any new country is “being a tourist” day. I seriously love walking around the streets and browsing. It’s so great how in one area you feel the hustle of the city and you drive a few miles and you then feel like you’re in a lush countryside.



After Auckland, I headed to Bay of Islands for a couple of days. This is where your island paradise steps in. The greenery! The waterfalls! The nature! Amazing.


Haruru Falls


Whangarei Falls

If you are traveling to NZ, you may want to stay a few days in Bay of Islands. There’s just so many beautiful sights to see. They are most popularly known for their boat tours which include: Dolphin sightseeing, Hole in the Rock, and Otehei Bay (my personal favorite). We personally took the EXPLORE boat tours. They were phenomenal. Lunch on Otehei Bay was also provided on the tour.


Dolphin sighting! SOOOO MANY DOLPHINS!!! I’ve never seen so many on one time.


Hole in the Rock.


And the best part of Bay of Island is Otehei Bay. You feel like you’re on a private island in Hawaii. The views are spectacular when you take a quick hike up the hills. Also, they serve beer there with lounge chairs that are peppered along the shore. Perfect way to sit back and relax for your vacation.


If you’re a big nerd and love LOTR as much as I do, Hobbiton is a must. But even if you’re not a big nerd, there’s something about being in this little world/set that they created that feels quite magical.

I’m going to save a post about Hobbiton for my next post, but if you want anymore advice on traveling to NZ, feel free to email me on my contact page 🙂

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