Welcome to Hobbiton!

I really wish that the photo you see above is fake, but it’s not! CRAZY, right?!

If you’re a big nerd for LOTR or you ever just want to feel like a big giant for once in your life (I’m 5’2″ so yes.), Hobbiton is your place.

Not only is this place so surreal, it’s so GREEN – way more than the Southern California drought filled vegetation life that I know (Go succulents!).

If you want to check out Hobbiton, you’ll have to go through Hobbiton tours. You’ll find a lot of the story and history of this place through their website or listening to a tour guide which I somehow actively avoided as I screamed from little hobbit landmark to another.


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The Green Dragon Inn was awesome. After getting the tour, you get a free Hobbiton drink (with or without alcohol!)



As you can see, Hobbiton is something that you probably shouldn’t miss when going to New Zealand purely because of how beautiful it is. But seriously who can say they walked in the same hairy feet that the hobbits did!? 🙂

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